Between Friends

I can not believe what I just found stored away on my laptop. I had to share it. This story is a little out of my comfort zone. I am still pondering if I should see it through. Penny for you thoughts. Eleanor Cotswold leaned low towards the reeking man before her. He grinned at … Continue reading Between Friends

His Deception: The Other Woman

I am so excited to share with you my valued viewers insight into one of the novels I have been working tirelessly on. I must share that this will be in two parts. I hope you enjoy and are as excited about it as I am. This post contains affiliate links, which means I may … Continue reading His Deception: The Other Woman

A place to call home

Often times you hear someone say home is where the heart lies. But how can you be sure where it is? When you aren't even sure where your heart is? I spent the better part of two nights homesick with nausea and another symptom I rather not mention. When my heart packed what little belongings … Continue reading A place to call home

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Sometimes we find that a con is just that a con. Often times much consideration is not placed on the scheme until it backfires. Leaving a bitter taste in your mouth and a long list of people wanting an explanation. Something that nine times out of ten even you can't offer it to them. For … Continue reading An Adventure of a Lifetime

The Other Woman

I see you with him on his arm. I see you with him from afar. Laughing, smiling, seated as you are. I know he chose you over me. I know he chose you because I told him to. But when I see you with him on his arm. I can't help but wonder from afar. … Continue reading The Other Woman

To the Heart of the Cacique.

I had long since given up the aspiration to have a place to call home. Until I got to know you for the man you are. Not a mirage of what you are. I had long since given up the dream of a home filled with love, passion, grace and solitude. I have long since … Continue reading To the Heart of the Cacique.

Adeline’s Story: Have you ever?

Have you ever been so lost in your own world? So lost in love with someone it feels like you can not find yourself. Have you ever wonder what if? What if I had the strength to move on? The strength to be my own woman my own self.  When do we reach this point … Continue reading Adeline’s Story: Have you ever?